This book is your roadmap to the human side of disaster planning and recovery

Authors Kathryn McKee and Liz Guthridge

We've designed this book for working professionals like you who know you should plan for disasters at the workplace. Even better, you want to deal with the human dimension, which has been the missing link until this book.

We humans make organizations run. Yet people generally have been an afterthought during disaster planning. Most crisis and business continuity plans focus more on physical, financial, and operational hazards than human issues.

But when a disaster happens, whether natural or manmade, it touches people. If our organizations are to recover quickly and maintain their reputations, they need to make sure employees are physically and emotionally ready to return to work. By following the advice and using the tools in this book, you can lead everyone on the road to recovery.

But what if you don't like to plan? Take the assessment. Buy a book. At least consider it. For less than $20, it will look good on your bookshelf. And it might help a co-worker help you.

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